Our process

AXYON is constantly developing and looking for new talent.

Our comprehensive and effective recruitment procedure is completed in conjunction with HUMAN RESOURCES and operations executives.

Our methods allow us to accredit technical skills and confirm the personal qualities of our staff.

Our recruitment process includes:

  1. A description of our requirements
    A definition of the position to be filled and the profile of the candidate we are looking for

  2. Search stage
    Distribution of advertisements on appropriate media and social networking sites

  3. Preselection of candidates:
    Sorting of CVs, followed by a telephone interview, then a more in-depth individual interview (presentation of the company and the position to be filled, confirmation of professional experience and training via various sources)

  4. Confirmation of technical skills:
    A test relevant to the position profile will be conducted in our engineering consultancy.

  5. Support during the trial period:
    We are keen to ensure the integration of our staff and the cohesive nature of our teams, and therefore we have introduced a monitoring process.


We actively support our staff throughout their career by means of the following:

  • An individual interview every year to assess their professional skills and identify their strengths and weaknesses, to set goals for the following year, and to gather their expectations and feedback.
  • Training to enable everyone to develop their skills.


By choosing AXYON, you will be sure that:

  • You are joining a company with solid values,
  • You will be able to develop your skills in various areas of industry and become multi-disciplined,
  • You will be able to bring real technical solutions to stimulating subjects,
  • To develop skills and increase opportunities for development.


" Two things instruct man about his whole nature; instinct and experience. "

Blaise Pascal